We are here because...

we saw a lack of  platforms that celebrates women of color, recognizes the work that they're doing and highlights ways to get involved in social/racial justice activism... so we created it.

Welcome to La Citizen.



The Team


Ari Melenciano is a multidisciplinary visual+sonic artist, creative technologist, digital fabricator, educator, activist and entrepreneur. She's currently obtaining her Master's from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications program. She is very passionate about racial issues, education and ways she can advance marginalized communities through teaching awareness and creating opportunity.

Contributing Editor

Esthefany Castillo is a graduate from Wesleyan University with a Bachelors degree in Sociology and now works for an urban planning organization focused on building sustainable economic development without displacement. Aside from writing her brains out, she enjoys getting lost in music, loving, picking her things up and traveling last minute, being a bad bitch and all the sass and self-love it entails, connecting intimately with friends especially when it's them milly rocking the joint to our left, and all things zen like (trap) yoga, meditation, and spirituality. 


Resident Artist

Eila Phillips Eira*she/her*🌟hs lvl🌌feminist🚺intj👀LA❄speak Finnish+Spanish🌼gud vybz💕ART💖activist🌸nerd rambles😎GENZAKU🌝mixed blck gal♐ #artyeila✨

Contributing Artist Curator

Rakeb Teklehiwot is a photographer based in MD/DC. She is studying business and photography in college right now. She wants to collaborate with other artists and tell a story and also educating women about love, beauty and empowerment.