What is La Citizen?

We are a platform for women of color to gather, be celebrated, have their work recognized, and make it much easier for people to join in on social/racial justice issues.


Can I get involved behind the scenes?

Absolutely, we are always looking for people to join the team. Click on "Join Us" for more info.


How do I get my work featured?

Email us at ContactLaCitizen@gmail.com


Why focus on only Women of Color?

Women of color are some of the most marginalized community groups and we want to create a space that exclusively spends it's time focusing on their advancement.

I love what you're doing and want to support. How can I?

That's so good to hear! Tell us about yourself and how you think you could possibly help and we can go from there. Send an email to ContactLaCitizen@gmail.com

How Do I get items in my shop to be featured on your site?

Email us at ContactLaCitizen@gmail.com